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2016 Lime Rock: 100th Win
2016 Lime Rock: 100th Win
July 25 2016 11:55:08 AM ESTGM Media
After a disappointing result at Mosport, after leading most of the race, the team headed to Lime Rock. This was the first return to Lime Rock since 2013.

Lime Rock is know for close competition. Sometimes too close. Corvette Racing took full advantage of several other competitors misfortunes and finally claimed their 100th win, as well as their 60th 1-2 finish.

OLIVER GAVIN - #4 C7.R - Winner:
"It is pretty amazing to get the 100th (win for Corvette Racing). We have had some great wins this year. When you look at Daytona this year, that was phenomenal; Sebring too. Our Le Mans win last year. But to get the 100th is pretty special. I have to thank the team and everybody involved. I have had a few of the wins with the team, but I have to say this is a pretty special one. To fight off the No. 67 car and having our teammates on the podiumÖ it is pretty special for everyone at Corvette Racing!"

TOMMY MILNER - #4 C7.R - Winner:
"I feel very lucky to say I was in the car that got the 100th win for this team, but you think about all the people that have worked on this team Ė all of the drivers, the crew, the marketing and PR people, everybody that has contributed to this, I just feel fortunate to be a part of that. It is good to get that monkey off of our back. It was a small monkey, but it was lingering."

"We still have five races to go in the season and the lead in the championship in the moment. So thereís a bigger picture to think about in a lot of ways. So that mindset paid off in the middle of the stint. We lost quite a bit of track position there in the end. The car isnít bad. Itís pretty slippery out there but itís the same for everyone. As usual traffic is pretty difficult. You can gain a lot and lose a lot with the traffic here. Iím pretty happy with this Corvette but we have to be smart. I knew going into this race how amped up I was after qualifying because the car was so good; I kind of had a little moment to remind myself that there is a lot more going on than this race. Everyone in the class was racing super-hard in our class."

JAN MAGNUSSEN - #3 C7.R - 2nd Place:
"It is a fantastic result for the team and well deserved. Everyone works so hard to try and win every single race that weíre in. Today was just a hard-fought race all the way through for both cars. Just a fantastic result. The 100th win and 60th 1-2Ö not a bad day!"

"There was so much going on the whole time in traffic. I was quite happy with the Corvette. Itís too bad we got a penalty in the pitlane so that put us back. I could keep up with the field and catch them in certain situations. But I didnít really have the speed to pass any of them. It was so close."

ANTONIO GARCIA - #3 C7.R - 2nd Place:
"For Corvette Racing to get 100 victories is really, really good. That number is just huge when you think we are a single program with two cars. So to achieve that is just amazing. Iím glad I won a few of those. I am very proud of that. Today, I was probably the only car that overtook today and probably the only car that really made positions up. I was fifth at one point and then there two mistakes by the Ferrari. I passed both of the Fords, actually twice. Iím very proud of Corvette Racing today and very happy to get a 1-2 finish."

"If youíre going to win your 100th race, you may as well do it with a 1-2 finish. We never diminish the input the engineers have in giving the team great Corvettes, and the crew today just had absolutely terrific pit stops. But today, this one goes to the drivers. On this race track and in these conditions, those guys brought it home. Iím tipping my hat to the drivers today."

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Hello, anyone at this website? We had a IMSA race in Texas, right? I'm wondering what Corvette Racing needs in the final race (Road Atlanta) to win the drivers' and manufacturers championship?
--- SteveM from Topsham, Maine on 09.20.2016 at 5:30PM


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