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It's simple. Racing is central to Corvette. Without racing and all that it brings - competition, technology, and teamwork - the Corvette would have been just a footnote.

Racing is what transformed the fledging Corvette into a true Sports Car. Racing continues to keep the Corvette from becoming the flabby boulevard cruiser so many sports cars become - or always were.

We don't care about cup holders or heated seats. We care that Corvette Racing is out to beat its competition and win. Every time. We care that the DNA in every street 'vette out there is linked to this credo.

How cool is it that against world class competition of Astons and Ferraris and at tracks like Le Mans, the 'vette kicks major ass? It's the ultimate sports car overachiever - and inspiration for us all.

The Corvette is a lot more than just racing. It's always had that combination of incredible style and bad boy swagger that other sports cars only wish they had.

But its racing edge, above all its other great attributes, rules. This site is dedicated to that.


So this is our story.

We were at Le Mans in 2004 and we met the Corvette Racing team. We noticed that the team had unofficially embraced skull icons as a symbol of the take-no-prisoners mentality of those intense 24 hours. "TAKE NO PRISONERS" was actually scrawled on the wall of the Corvette pit.

We thought that the team should have its very own skull icon and we sketched our idea over beers on a cocktail napkin.

The C6.R "Mascot" made its debut on C6.R's b pillars the next year at the 2005 Le Mans race. They've been on the C6.R's ever since. What can we say except that we're extremely happy & proud to have our design on the coolest racecars in the world.

Our beer scented napkin sketch...

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